All Plastic Pump

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This pump is one of a kind because, it is made completely out of polymer materials. We wanted to make a pump that simplifies the recycling process exponentially.

Generally available dispensing pumps are Composed Of dissimilar materials, i.e. metal, glass etc. They require careful “segregation before the recycling process begins”.

LivDIS All Plastic Pumps are masterfully built for excellent performance while enabling easy 100% recyclability.

24mm / 410
Lock Type: Lock Up
Liquid Output: 1.5ml per actuation
Colour: Customisable

Salient Features:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Consistent functionality
  • Smooth pumping action
  • ZERO LEAK design
  • Robust assembly
  • Amazing visual appeal with sharp features
  • A product of stringent quality testing


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